Friday, 17 February 2012

Rick Sammon Weekend Workshop in Kitchener, Ontario - September 22 and 23, 2012

Saturday Schedule
Speedlite Demonstration from 10-12 with a model
Presentation on Exploring the Light from 1 - 4 showcasing his best photographs and tips from around the world.
$97.50 for the saturday (inc hst)

Sunday Schedule
10-1 hands on shooting workshop with maximum of 30 attendees at MacLeans Junk Yard
2-4 is back in the classroom for an editing workshop with Rick learning HDR processing.
$112.50 for the sunday (inc hst)

$157.50 for both days (inc hst)

Much more details, the venue and payment methods announced here by the end of February.

Some have already confirmed attendance and we appreciate your interest, your space has been reserved.

For others that want to confirm attendance please contact me through

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Connect With Your Customers On Facebook and Grow Your Business Socially

You should continually strive to ensure that your customers know, like and trust you. How do you do that though? It usually doesn’t happen during the sale, it’s what you do after that makes all the difference. That’s where Facebook comes in handy, and the fact that over half of all the people in Canada are on facebook, half of your customers will have one as well, and what that really means is that you have a way to become part of your customers online social graph. Below you will learn a simple, yet powerful way to connect with your customers on Facebook and at the same time, through the Law of Reciprocation, earn a testimonial and a recommendation.

1. First, take a picture of yourself, next to your customer. Ask your customer if it’s okay if you tag them in it on Facebook. You’re playing the odds here and the odds are pretty good that they have a Facebook page and the odds are even better that they will say yes to tagging them. This photo will then link to your customers profile page and place the picture on their wall (their profile page).

2. If you can, connect with your customer with their help, that way you can ensure that you have found their profile and not somebody else with the same name.

3. Tag them in the picture.

4. Go to the picture sitting on their wall that you placed and say something along the lines of, “It was really great working with you. I really enjoyed the time we spent together at my workshop (or at your wedding), you are the reason why I enjoy what I do. Thank you for being one of my favorites!”

Because of the Law Of Reciprocation, which states that we, as human beings, feel an obligation to repay an action with a like action, your customer will return the favor and say something like, “It was great working with you as well! We’ve never had such a positive buying experience in our entire lives!”

Now take a look at what you have. There is a picture of you and your customer sitting on their Facebook wall for all of their friends to see. On top of their friends asking them questions about it they see the kind words that the said about you. Think about how powerful that is and the fact that one peer testimonial is worth two hundred traditional media impressions… that’s one awesome testimonial!

5. Don’t stop there. Go back to their page a few days later, thank them and say something along the lines of, “As you know it’s important to me that my customers feel comfortable enough with the way I treated them to send referrals my way. Let me ask you, do you feel comfortable enough, should the need ever arise, to refer somebody you know to come see me?”

Of course their going to say yes and now you have both a testimonial and a recommendation AND all of their Facebook connections can see it!

That’s powerful stuff and 80% of the time it works just like that.