Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Photos

I was sitting here today thinking about what my next BLOG post was going to be and I decided to share some of my favorite photos...

Reflections of an iconic structure

The Eiffel Tower photo is my favorite photo that I have taken in a long time. I love the perspective because it was captured in the puddles. This iconic structure has been shot to death but this one offers something different.

Heavenly Morning

The Fifty Point Conservation area piers behind the military shooting range... I love this photo because it represents patience and perserverence. I went back to this location to try and capture this structure the way I wanted. After 5 trips I believe i got the shot i was after (IMO)

Mount Dumyat, a sheep and Wallis Monument

This photo from Scotland was a trek. I had to climb to the top of Mount Dumyat to get this view. Wallis Monument has been shot from every angle, but few make the trek to the top of the 1600ft vertical elevation through the winding winding path. A hike I am glad i made with Joe, Karen and Dylan

So these are three of my favorite photos, a family memory, a romantic vacation and a trip to my favorite place to shoot.

What are some of your favorite shots?