Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A list of TIPS for using Facebook

FACEBOOK TIP: The best times to update the facebook pages are Wednesday and Sundays, but Wednesdays are the better of the two days.

FACEBOOK TIP: If you read someone’s post or look more closely at their pic(s), the least you can do is like it, even if you hate it… That’s a common courtesy payment for the piquing of your curiosity.

FACEBOOK TIP: Studies show that fill-in-the-blank posts garner nine times more response than other types of posts. That’s what I call ____.

FACEBOOK TIP: Try not to LIKE your own posts. It makes you look desperate.

FACEBOOK TIP: Save time by having a planned strategy before you login. Know what you are there to do.

FACEBOOK TIP: Your face is your logo in the world of social media. It’s called “Facebook” not “Logobook.”

FACEBOOK TIP: Don’t over-post. It annoys your audience. Limit posts to 1 x 4 hrs. If you need more, go to Twitter.

FACEBOOK TIP: Start by making friends & being social. Don’t worry about selling. People do biz with those they like. So use your Facebook page to have more fun than blast out deals.

FACEBOOK TIP: Likes do not lie. If you’re not getting Likes, it means people don’t like what you’re posting. When you post something good, people will let you know with likes.

FACEBOOK TIP: I don’t care how famous you are. Everyone should take time to comment respond to those who comment on your posts. Not responding may make you seem anti-social, rude and self-absorbed (even if you’re not!).

FACEBOOK TIP: Research from Buddy Media shows that there is an 18% increase in engagement for posts made on Thursday and Friday. The less people want to be at work, the more they are on Facebook!

FACEBOOK TIP: DON’T over-capitalize your POSTS. It arouses suspicion, and makes you LOOK like you are TRYING too hard.

FACEBOOK TIP: Give details about the pics you post, including who, what when & where. Like a soap opera, not everyone has been watching from day one. Keep them informed.

FACEBOOK TIP: Follow my 25% Rule for Facebook Posts by not posting too much about one thing. Diversify your posts for the best results, and to accomplish your goals.

FACEBOOK TIP: Don’t worry about posting the wrong thing, so long as you share your heart, you can’t go wrong. Be yourself, unless you’re a creep.

FACEBOOK TIP: According to research by @BuddyMedia, you get 20% more engagement on Facebook when peeps are home from 8pm-7am.

FACEBOOK TIP: Link your Facebook account to your twitter account. A post on twitter will then be seen on your Facebook.