Saturday, 11 August 2012

South of France Photo tour - Carmargue horses and Provence

In June of 2013 Rick Sammon, Denise Ippolito and Kevin Pepper are running a photography tour to Provence.

June is a wonderful time to visit this area. The Weather in June has a typical minimum daily temperature 17 centigrade, maximum 24 centigrade. On average you will experience four days with rain in June and the area has an average of 290 hours of sunshine.

About travelling to Provence in June, the New York Times says, “In terms of weather, the most idyllic months for visiting the south of France are May and June. Though the sun is intense, it's not uncomfortable. Coastal waters have warmed up by then, so swimming is possible, and all the resorts have come alive after a winter slumber but aren't yet overrun. The flowers and herbs in the countryside are at their peak, and driving conditions are ideal. In June, it remains light until around 10:30pm.

The most overcrowded times -- also the hottest, in more ways than one -- are July and August, when seemingly half of Paris shows up in the briefest of bikinis. Reservations are difficult to get, discos are blasting, and space is tight on the popular beaches. The worst traffic jams on the coast occur all the way from St-Tropez to Menton.”

June will offer excellent opportunity for numerous seascape photography sessions and lots of time to capture the Carmargue horses running through the surf in the golden hours in cooler temperatures.

As our trip is in the mid month we will be there to capture the lavender fields as they begin to flower in glorious rows of purple as far as the eye can see.

Please join us for this trip to Provence. Tickets are starting to sell and I would hate for you to miss out on this trip.

Please contact us through the Photographer’s Lounge for more information.