Sunday, 9 September 2012

Canon to announce Nikon D600 competitor at Photokina

I have been doing some research online to see if I could find out any other announcements that we can expect this month. There are not many convincing rumors about the upcoming Canon DSLR  announcement(s) for Photokina. Apparently there is a good chance that there will be  one new DSLR camera to compete with the upcoming full frame Nikon D600. Here are the rumored specs of that Canon camera:
·         22MP (same sensor as 5D MkII
·         There are indications of a new 20MP sensor
·         4 to 5 fps
·         A Touchscreen
·         Same AF system as 7D
·         Lower build quality than the 5D Mark III as the D600 is to the D800
I also see that the Canon 5DII is expected to be discontinued at the end of September. Plus it seems that the EOS-3D X and EOS-7D Mark II cameras will not be announced at Photokina as previously thought… guess we will have to wait to see what comes out of Photokina next week.