Monday, 24 September 2012

Junk Yard Photography with a model

"One, Two, Three, Turn", was what the student asked the model to do as the shutter buttons were pressed.

This is jsut one of many poses we had our model, Morgan do for us during the morning workshop at the auto wreckers this past weekend at the Photographers Lounge Seminar and Workshop in Kitchener. My good friend, Rick Sammon lead the group through a great presentation and workshop and gave excellent tips to all that attended.

For the workshop we spent the morning with the students taking a series of HDR and model photographs throughout the junk yard and then took them back into the classroom for some editing fun in HDR efex PRO and Photomatix.

Here are a few more of my images from that workshop...

An HDR image produced with 5 images and then processed in Photomatix and CS6.

Here is a photo that was taken of our model, Morgan. We set Morgan up in a variety of poses throughout the junkyard and let the attendees direct her into poses around various contrasting scenes of rust and decay.

We focused on making pictures, rather the just on taking pictures and seeing the whole scene in front of you, not just standing there and taking a photo. "Use your camera like a spaceship" Rick would say.

Try to see from above, below, from the side, macro shots, wide angle, look for the details... digital memory doesn't cost you a thing to take a photo... so maximize the number of photos of any scene and you will be surprized what you get when you get your images loaded onto your computer.

We have lots of workshops planned over the next year... check out what and where we are going by visiting the Photographers Lounge website to learn more.

A special thanks to all 100 people that came to this event Saturday and to the 48 people that came to the workshop on the Sunday. Please share your photos with us on the Photographer Lounge Facebook page. We would love to see what photos you took.

Have fun getting out the autumn season and taking your own images.