Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Whats new from Canon... talks, rumours, product

I have read that a couple of sources have finally surfaced to discuss that Canon is bringing out a camera with a higher pixel count. While an announcement is forthcoming in 2012, nothing has been said to be in deveolpment yet.

So... stay tuned... I am sure there will be some announcements in the coming months.

I made mention of it last month and I hear now that the new EOS 7D Mark II is rumored to be announced some time in January, 2013. The camera would take the place of the 7D and 60D. The spec list I read was minimal. But its said to have a 20+ megapixel sensor and the ability to shoot 10fps. I am thinking the fps rate is what they want to market and pull in birders and sports photograpehrs.

I do think that the price is going to have to be geed. With the D600 from Nikon EOS 6D priced at just over $2000 the smaller sensors are goign to sit on teh shelves a lot longer than in years past...

So, lets wait and see what Canon comes up with...