Monday, 1 April 2013

How did the photographer take that photo?

I have had a few emails asking how I took this photo since it went up on my Canadian Sigma gallery this month so I thought I would write a quick tutorial on how to achive this type of image.

But before I begin I have to give credit where credit is due... Rick Sammon, one of the Canon Explorers of Light, is where I learned how to take this type of image. I invited Rick up to run a seminar and workshop in Canada for my company, The Photographers Lounge. During that seminar I watched him instruct our students how to take this type of image.

Gear Used To Take This Photo 
Photoflex StarFlash® 300watt strobe - you can also use a speedlite as well.
Photoflex medium softbox - A softbox with a recessed front diffusion panel should be used for optimal light. This will allow you to control the light better than you would receive with an umbrella.
Black backdrop and backdrop stand
Nikon D7000
Sigma 24-70 f2.8

Camera Settings
F-stop was f/10
Exposure time was 1/200th of a second
ISO was 200

You need to experiment with subject positioning and the strength of the flash you use to get the shot you are after. But as a starting point... position the subject slightly in front of the soft box and have your model look straight ahead. The softbox is positioned so that it is facing opposite to the direction that the model is looking. Please see the diagram below for an idea of positioning...