Tuesday, 27 September 2011

UPDATE "Putting the Quotes to the test"

OK, so you read my last post on how I am attempting to put two quotes to the test...

I came away from my first visit bombarded my bugs, unhappy with the location shoots and a sky that didn't co-operate...

Let the investigation begin...

1) found out when the next two full moons are... would like to be down there on those nights.

2) the pesty bugs... I talked to dozens of people, called the local fisherman and found they were shad flies, a late hatch that will be done in a couple weeks when the temperature drops.

3) photographers ephemeris showed me the time in which the moon will be exactly where I want it.

So, my investigation is complete... I am ready to go back for round two!

And while i am there for round two i will ask the owner of that property if i can access the shore behind his house... thay will make round three interesting.