Monday, 2 January 2012

Have confidence and benefit from the rewards of your individuality

Why is it that photographers are so insecure about their photos? The answer may be different for each of you, and if you self reflect only you know your reason. You may not be formally schooled and learning with each click of the shutter... or is it that your photos, or your art, are your personal interpretations of a scene and you lack confidence in your abilities to produce an appealing image?

Whatever the reason, being insecure doesn’t mean you are an incompetent photographer! Being an insecure photographer means you are human and you have consciously made the decision to probably put yourself out there where others will have the opportunity to judge your work.

Inevitably you see another photographer’s image that you deem of a higher caliber and start to have those feelings where you don’t feel worthy of that praise your loved one and friends bestowed upon you. It’s easy to look at some pros work and compare it to yours, its all there online for you to see and compare. What you are seeing is a difference between your work and the images from someone else from your personal point of view.

Let’s face it, we all do it. Inside your head, you silently compare one image from a photographer with yours. You end up being so self critical of your own work, while at the same time you are putting the other images on a pedestal. But all you are really doing is sabotaging our own success…

If you don't agree, let me ask you this; what happens when it’s time to go to work at your next photoshoot? Do these self-doubts in your head creep to the forefront and possibly affect your creativity? Yes. Do these thoughts then affect your work product? Absolutely. Will these thoughts then hurt your opportunity to make a living at photography? I cannot see how it wouldn’t affect your income potential.

One way out of this is to emulate another photographer’s style until you master it. If you succeed in really copying another photographer’s art, you can then hang it on the wall and be proud. Voila, you will have successfully managed in subverting your creativity and becoming a photographic drone destined to mediocrity… congratulations!

Stop it! Your personal style is your creativity and that is what makes you unique and your art desirable and original. The difference is, and always will be you; after all, you are the brand, and your brand is what you sell.

The only comparing your need to do is with yourself, where have you come from, how are you maturing, and where are you going on your personal journey.

Celebrate yourself as photographer, be proud of your work, mature as an artist, believe in yourself and reap the rewards of your individuality.