Thursday, 5 January 2012

Have you ever thought about joining a photography club?

So you are a photographer, maybe it’s a passion and you want to learn more, or maybe you feel like you want to take the next step and don’t know how. What are your best options?

Photography clubs are a great way to learn more about photography and allow you to meet a group of like minded people that share your passion. Generally photography groups are people that come together to share their interest in photography. Whether these people are professional or amateur photographers they meet to teach, mentor and inform local area photographers.

For those are members of a club, you are already enjoying the benefits, for those who are not yet aware of the benefits that photography clubs can bring; the following three points are some insight into the advantages of joining a photography club.

1. Acquire additional knowledge in photography
One of the best things about joining a photography club is that people who have a passion for photography have the opportunity to gather in a group to learn new things concerning photography. The advantages of doing this in a group setting are (a) economies of scale. Clubs bring in guest speakers for their meetings and you pay a small fraction of the cost to listen to an expert speak. (b) you will be in a group and be able to hear a variety of opinions and suggestions from other members on the speakers subject. This will allow you to formulate a better informed opinion.

2. New friendships
Like any club or organization, photography clubs also provide you the opportunity to forge new friends that share your passion in your local area. Right now you may have forged virtual friendships through photo sharing sites, but a club will allow you to meet photographers that you can actually go out with and talk to over coffee.

3. Financially advantageous
If you into photography and you would like to know more about photography, you just need to join one of clubs. The downside is that there is an expense, albeit minor. I have heard of clubs that charge as much as $100 for a year, but most are around the $50 mark. Most clubs that I know are non-profit and are not out to extract money out of your pocket book.

Photography clubs were created for the benefit of every photographer. They have their own purposes and, they are, to provide career guides to people who may want to turn pro, but also to provide a comfortable learning environment for those that just want to take better family photos.

What events can you expect your new photography club to do?

The common event will be scheduled meetings. During these meetings club executives will bring in identified experts to discuss their area of expertise. You will be able to see examples of photos and ask the expert questions during and after the meeting.

Most photography clubs will also have what’s called “outings” or “photowalks”. A series of outings will be set up for all members to take advantage of. Most clubs will strive to spread out these events to cover as many genres of photography as possible.

Clubs will also give you the opportunity to enter into competitions. Competitions can be inner club competitions and multi club, or national competitions. This gives you the opportunity to have your images judged be template criteria to see how you measure up with other photographers.

Last, but definitely not least, clubs will run hands on workshops where you will be able to learn a variety of things in a classroom environment.

To find a photo club in your area just search for Photographic clubs in “insert your city or area”.

If you want to see an example of a photo club, go to This is a not for profit photographic club that I run near to where I live. We have over 170 members and meet every couple of weeks from September to May each year.