Friday, 20 January 2012

How Important is the Internet and Social Media for a photographers business

Here are a few stats that I wanted to share with you...

36% of consumers depend on social media to make purchase decisions

49% of canadians use social media every day

1/4 of consumers prefer co's that use social media

50% of active facebook users login every day

More than 250 million photos uploaded on facebook every day

Mobile already generates 7 - 10% of your web traffic without a proactive mobile marketing initiative

36% of people doing mobile searches online take action immediately, 39% within the hour

Today, one in seven searches on Google are on Mobile. Is your website optimized for searches done on smart phones?

85% of people using search click on a Pay per click (PPC) ad less than once a mth

Your clients are 4x more likely to engage in the sales process if you respond to an email in under 5 minutes