Sunday, 15 April 2012

2013 Polar Bear Expedition - Update

So a few sponsorships for product came through this past week... and they will really com in handy while we are in the arctic circle, miles from anyone...

Voltaic Systems is giving us a solar panel the size of a laptop bag so we can ensure we have power to charge batteries and keep the laptops working. This will really come in handy...

Faber Snowshoes is also goign to ensure we have the gear we need when we need a snowshoe to make th hiking easier. Faber has been making snowshoes longer than we all have been alive (135 years) and will definately come in handy from the arctic circle. Please see their lineup of snowshoes here...

We also had a great discussion with WWF Canada. WWF Canada has been an extremely professional and helpful organization to deal with. Yes, you could just say that they want the money we will bring them, but lets face it, we are small potatoes and they really could have just left us to our own devices and taken our money if we got any. But they didn't, they are working with us to help us be successful.

We will be getting an afternoon to have access to interview and talk to their scientists before we travel. That way we will hav eall the background information we need prior to our departure.

They are also giving us a letter of endorsement so our sponsors can have that added level of comfort that we are "indeed" working with WWF Canada.

They have also offered to put up a page on the WWF Canada website that you can go to to read about what we are doing and donate to WWF Canada. You can also read about the expedition at the photographers lounge website,

Thanks for reading along and keeping up to date on the trip updates.