Sunday, 29 April 2012

Surround yourself with trusted friends

I have been slowly growing my photography business for awhile now. Reading as many blogs as I can, networking, refining my photography skills... but the one thing I have done that is paying off in spades is "surrounding myself with other photographers I can learn from and trust". I have met a lot of great people on this fantastic journey. Many local to where I live... supportive, available to bounce ideas off of and go out and shoot with when time permits... These people are numerous and you know who you are... I appreciate all your support and friendship...

But there are a few photographers that I want to single out... these two gentlemen are two well respected individuals in our field that have taught me more for me in the last year than I learned in the last three years.

Rick Sammon... the extremely polite, genuine, hard working man has inspired me in more wanys than anyone else in this industry. It was a suggestion by a friend of mine, Gary Simmons, to contact him to see if he would come to Canada to do a seminar... and after some hard work... he is coming in September of 2012 to Kitchener to run a weekend seminar. This will be Rick's first trip to Canada and 200 people will be comin got be inspired by Rick.

Rick makes available blog entries, his images and tools of the trade. He also runs podcasts, writes books and creates ipod apps for photogrpahers. He is an awesome photographer and an even better teacher. I have learned more from Rick then I did in the beginnning when I was reading Scott Kelby's books.

The learning from Rick isn't stopping either. I will be running a photo tour with Rick in Iceland in 2013 and we are also discussing other trips to Africa and France in 2013.

The other photographer that I want to bring to your attention is Tim Vollmer. I have been following Tim's work for three years. I started seeing his images on Flickr three years ago.

Now three years later I am still admiring his photos, but now I will be spending time with Tim taking photos in various parts of the world. Tim and I will be headed to Tofino together to run a workshop, I will be headed with Rick to run a photo tour in Iceland with Tim. Tim and I are also working with WWF Canada to raise money and awareness. We will be headed to the Arctic Circle with Ethan Meleg and John E Marriott to photograph polar bears and the landscape to highlight the effects of climate change in the arctic.

Tim is an extremely talented photographer and someone that I now consider a friend. If you do not know of Tim, check out his website and check out where Tim is travelling too. He has some fantastic International destinations scheduled over the next 18 months.

Without these two guys I would still be trying to find my way in this industry. But after some mentoring, great opportunities and good advice from both of them I am well on my way in building a successful business with the Photographers Lounge.

Thanks Guys....