Thursday, 5 April 2012

Polar Bear Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts on the Polar Bear...

The top speed of a polar bear is 40kph.

The Polar Bear has 42 razor sharp teeth. With jagged back teeth and canines larger than grizzly teeth, they pack quite the bite

12 inch wide paws-- a natural snowshoe that helps them trek across treacherous ice and deep snow

A Polar Bear has 3 eyelids - the third helps protect the bear's eyes from the elements

A Polar Bear has 4 inches of fat under its skin
Their skin is black

A Polar Bear has a blue tongue

The polar bear tends to swallow food in large chunks rather than chewing.

The average polar bear can consume 4.4 pounds of fat per day.

The bear's stomach can hold an astonishing 10-20% of its body weight.

The polar bear's digestive system is very efficient, absorbing approximately 84% of the protein and 97%of the fat it consumes.