Wednesday, 13 March 2013

2014 Photography Workshop Schedule at the Photographer's Lounge

It's never too early to start planning your 2014 trips. We have finally finalized our schedule and we are spanning the globe, headed back to some old favorites and hitting some new locations that will be exciting...

February 2014 - We are headed back to Iceland. This time for more glacier and iceberg photography opportunities and night shoots of the northern lights...

March 2014 - We are going to heat things up and head back to one of my favorite locations on earth... Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains. I have wanted to head back here for years, and I finally created a workshop that I know you will love. From the Medina to the Sahara desert, the photography opportunities will be fantastic.

April 2014 - Its back to Africa we go... this time to the skeleton coast for two back to back workshops in Namibia... the gem of Africa. These workshops will encompass a traditional safari in the north and a trip to the south into the Namib desert.

August 2014 - its a trip to the west coast of Canada... we are headed to Tofino in August, a time of year the locals refer to as "fog"ust. Prepare for landscape and seascape photography that will blow your mind... The area is a UNESCO protected area and you will see wildlife and landscapes that are iconic in our Canadian folklore...

September 2014 - Its going to be a busy month... We are headed back to the City of Lights, Paris. Two back to back workshops will present the photographer with classical scenes and the chance to photograph one of the most photogenic cities in the world.

September 2014 - Its back to Mongolia. The 2013 trip sold out and in 2014 we are headed back to the Golden Eagle Festival in the Gobi desert. Join us for one of the oldest traditions on earth, in one of the most exotic locations we will visit in 2014.

October 2014 - Its lighting and landscapes in Venezuela. From the shores of Lake Maracaibo to the photogenic micro climates in the Andes Mountains... you will participate in a workshop you will never forget.

Contact me if you would like more information on any of these workshops.