Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 - The Year of Photography Learning at the Photographer's Lounge

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, we are all another year older, hopefully another year wiser... and I am sure we all look forward to another exciting year . BUT, "What will 2013 bring us?"
I hope it brings you prosperity, new camera gear, going beyond your personal photographic expectations and be full adventures beyond your dreams. :-)

I am going to try and do my best to help you with each of those... and here's how...

We are going to change things up on the BLOG this year by offering more insightful posts. We will be taking you inside the mind of the PRO's and theme different days of the week so you know what's coming.

My "Photography Company", the Photographer's Lounge is currently developing new training programs to help both local and international amateur and professional photographers learn the different skills they need to become more successful. As these programs are announced, press releases and posts on my blog will go live.

Guest Bloggers - I am inviting other Professional Photographers and Amateur Photographers the opportunity to "Guest Blog" on my site so that you will now get different points of view and people that have different experience than I do.

One of the things I have always worked hard at doing for the many students and friends in photography is bring information on gear to them. Having secured a few partnerships late in 2012 that enforce that commitment; I will continue to work with photography companies to continue to bring you more information and product to help you grow as a photographer.


Monday Insights... Monday's will be the day that we look at a photo and we will ask the PRO photographer why they took that photo... the time of day, the reason they took it, and for those willing to share... the camera settings...

Tuesday Tips... Tuesday will be a day when I will be posting tips and tutorials to help you take better photos and become more proficient in the digital Darkroom.

Wednesday Product Spotlight... Wednesday's will now be the day I bring to you a different product. We will show photos, write about the product benefits post places where you can order them online.

Business Thursdays... As photographers we should already have the photographic skills... but where many photographers fall short is the business side of photography... from networking, to social media, accounting, sales, etc... if you do not master these things, your business will fail.  

Shooting Idea Fridays... Friday is for weekend shooting ideas... I will do my best to come up with a suggestion to get out and try on the weekend... and we would like to see them... post links to your photos in the comment field of Fridays posts if you want.

Weekends on the blog... Weekends are normal days on my blog... On Saturday or Sunday I will post about any photographic topic, new workshop, learning opportunity...

Thanks for reading my blog in 2012. I hope you get more out of it in 2013.