Monday, 14 January 2013

Canon set to announce new store concept and new DSLR's

Following in the footsteps of Apple…

Canon has recently announced that they will be launching their first “Canon Experience Store” in January. For Canadian’s, they will start with at least one store in Calgary, Canada and slowly open more stores around the globe.

Unconfirmed Store Features
- They will be similar to apple stores, simplistic and will allow hands-on use of canon products.
- These stores will feature trial areas, iMac computers for education courses (sorry PC users) and a learning area.
- The announcement for this project should come in January.
Does the MEGApixel race get more interesting with the new Canon DSLR’
Well… get ready… a new 70D or a new 7D MKII announcement is set to be released this week… its anybodies guess what will be announced at this point… Canon Rumours isn’t saying much and either are any of the other sites out there. But what I can say is that the announcement will in the next few days…

On the SUPER megapixel front there have been rumours popping up around the web about a new DSLR that does not even exist yet… I have heard it will be somewhere in between the 5D MKIII and the 1D, and three websites I read said that it could be a completely different naming line-up…

Start watching for the announcements tomorrow... the last I heard was that they will be announced on January 15th, 2013