Monday, 7 January 2013

What Goes Thru a Photographers Mind - Today's Photographer is Kevin Pepper

Streaking Down Michigan Avenue by Kevin Pepper
This is the new Monday feature on my BLOG... why did the PRO take that photo and how did they create the image. I have asked a few photographers that work with the Photographer's Lounge, and some other PRO photogs to post their images and explain how and why they took some photos... so come back each Monday to see who is featured.... photogs like Ellen Anon, Rick Sammon, and Denise Ippolito, and a few others will be posting in this weekly feature...

I took this photo when I was in Chicago on a business trip. As I was walking down to photograph the Chicago Bean I was standing at the side of the street and I couldn't believe how busy the street was for such a late hour on a week night. I wanted to capture the scene in a photo to evoke the feeling of what i was seeing, lots of vehicle activity. The car taillights were not capturing what I wanted to see so I waited for a city bus to come by.

I set up the camera on a tripod at the side of the road at eye level to give the person looking at the image a true sense of scale. I attached a cable release so I could manually activate the shutter exactly when I wanted and have more control over the exposure time.

What composition rules did I use? Intersecting horizontal and vertical lines... leading lines, use of light to attract the eye (star bursts at the beginning of the break light trail and a darker background and sky to keep the eye on the red trails)

Camera Settings: F/9.0, 2 seconds, ISO100, camera on manual, high saturation to make the colours pop and no flash was used.

Happy Shooting...