Monday, 19 November 2012

2013 Photography Workshop Schedule at the Photographer's Lounge

Our 2013 workshop schedule is set. We have created an abundance of learning opportunities for photographers of all levels.

From basic composition classes to advanced photography workshops in International destinations, we believe that every photographer, no matter what genre they specialize in will find a workshop that will help you on your own personal journey.

We have also secured some exceptional workshop leaders to help lead these workshops here in Ontario, in Canada and around the world. Our workshop leaders include internationally renowned photographers such as Rick Sammon, Denise Oppolito, Jim Zuckerman and Tim Vollmer. To see a list of our workshop leaders, and to see their own images, please visit our Gallery Page on the Photographer’s Lounge website.

Below you will find a breakdown of what we have to offer. Please feel free to look through our learning opportunities and contact Kevin at with any questions.

Private One-on-one Workshops- For our private workshops; with flexible scheduling and lessons tailored exactly for you, you will advance quickly in your chosen subject. We will also do our best to work around your timeline.

We can cover all aspects of photography from capture through to print and all photographic levels from beginner to advanced. Please visit the workshop page to learn more bout these workshops

Composition Workshops – Have you ever wondered why professional photographers can take a photo of the same scene as you but their photos seem to be better than yours. Our 13 composition workshops in 2013 are designed to help you take better photos through the use of time tested composition rules. Please visit the workshop page to learn more bout these workshops

Kawartha Region WorkshopsCome and join us on our weekend retreats to Lake Salerno in the Kawartha's. In 2013 we are only offering four workshops, a winter, spring, summer and fall workshop. At our home in Northern Ontario we will spend a weekend together capturing the beautiful nature that surrounds us. From basic composition, to more advanced photography techniques and lots of laughs along the way, you are assured to come home with fantastic images and armed with new skills. Please visit the workshop page to learn more bout these workshops

Niagara Falls Workshops – Join us as we visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This workshop will help you with photography composition techniques and teach you some editing skills that you can use in the digital darkroom. Please visit the workshop page to learn more bout these workshops

Junk Yard Dog Workshops Come and join us on our "Junk Yard Dog" workshops near Milton, Ontario. These 3 hour workshops will be some of the coolest shoots you will be on in 2013. We will enter the private property of an operational junk yard that is one of the largest in Ontario. The workshops are designed to work on your lighting skills and your composition skills.

The photography opportunities range from capturing decaying cars in nature to photographing professional models amidst the vehicles. Please visit the workshop page to learn more bout these workshops

Boudoir WorkshopsBoudoir photography is a very challenging genre, far more than simple snaps of a partly clothed subject or a photo of a loved one. To create the results in images people are proud to show, those images with an obvious look of combined art and sensuality, rather than ‘tacky’ or ‘raunchy’ snaps; one must plan and prepare and go into a shoot knowing what it is you want to create. Please visit the workshop page to learn more bout these workshops

Social Media for PhotographersAre you a photographer wearing multiple hats within your company? Do you struggle with finding the right balance of taking photos instead of growing your business? Are you on a budget and would love to hear inexpensive ways to market your photography business right here in the local market? Do you often find yourself sitting at your computer in the morning, ready to post an update to your Facebook page, Twitter or other social media website – and then you drew a complete blank and don’t know what to write?

Our time together will teach you techniques you can use to find more clients using social media. Please visit the workshop page to learn more bout these workshops

The Law of Photography in CanadaThis is a seminar you do not want to miss.  Jordan is coming to the Photographers Lounge to speak to us one two subjects.
In the first half of the day Jordan will address the legalities surrounding photographer’s rights, copyright laws in Canada, the internet and how it has changed a photographers ownership rights to images. He will also address contracts, and what the Canadian laws are around taking the image of a person, place or thing. In the second half of Jordan’s seminar he will be addressing how to structure your business. The advantages and disadvantages of the many ways you can register your business in Canada.

For anyone that takes a photo and sells a photo, you need to come and be informed about your legal rights, and the rights of your subjects.
Please visit the workshop page to learn more bout these workshops

HDR Workshop with Rick Sammon – This is a one day only HDR workshop with one of the world’s top photographers. Rick Sammon will lead a small group of photographers on an HDR workshop. The day will be spent teaching photographers, not only about HDR, but also about lighting and composition. A one day workshop with Rick Sammon is a great way to learn to take better photos.  Please visit the workshop page to learn more bout these workshops.

Canadian Caravan – Join Rick Sammon on his first Canadian Caravan in Northern Ontario. Rick runs Caravan type workshops all over the US and this will be his first in Canada. This is a one week workshop that will cover many, MANY different photography and editing techniques. To learn more about the Canadian Caravan please visit the Photographer’s Lounge website.

Tanzania Photo Safari – Our first visit back to Africa in 2013 is going to be a fantastic journey. Together with Rick Sammon we will visit some of the most iconic areas in Tanzania. Together we will capture the Nogorongoro Crater and the famous, Serengeti National Park. To learn more about the workshop in Africa please visit the Photographer’s Lounge website.

Provence Photo Workshop – Together with Denise Ippolito and Rick Sammon you will visit the Provence area of France in June of 2013. Together we will spend time visiting the quaint villages in the hills of Provence and spend time photographing the Carmague horses along the seaside.  To learn more about the workshop in France please visit the Photographer’s Lounge website.

Mongolia Photo Workshop – Join the Photographer’s Lounge as we visit the Naadam festival in the summer of 2013. This ancient Olympic style festival offers the photographer the opportunity to capture cultural Mongolia, monasteries and the famous Naadam Festival.

This is one of two trips to Mongolia in the next two years. In 2014 we will be returning to photograph the Golden Eagle festival with Jim Zuckerman. To learn more about the workshops in Mongolia please visit the Photographer’s Lounge website.

Iceland Photo Workshop – Three Professional Photographers’ will be leading this tour. Rick Sammon, Tim Vollmer and Kevin Pepper will take you on a workshop that will take you to some of the most amazing photographic destinations you will find anywhere in the world. To learn more about the workshop in Iceland please visit the Photographer’s Lounge website.

Venezuela Photo Workshop – This trip as so much interest that we added a second trip in 2013 already. Join us as we visit the north west area of Venezuela. We will spend time in the floating city of Ologa photographing a natural wonder of the world, the Catatumbo Lightening before we head up into the Andes Mountains to capture some inspiring landscapes and unique animals. To learn more about the workshops in Venezuela please visit the Photographer’s Lounge website.