Monday, 26 November 2012

Canadian Photographer's Legal Rights... Are you following the laws and are you protected?

At the Photographer's Lounge we constantly strive to find unique learning opportunities for local photographers. Photographers rights to their images is a topic that any photographer that posts photos on Facebook, Flickr or other online site should know... Do you know what first publishing rights are? did you know that you may be giving them up without knowing it in Canada?

Attending Jordan's seminar is an enlightening and shocking revelation of your rights, the laws that govern photographers and even protect the subjects you photograph.

I have seen Jordan speak and I learned some very valuable information about my rights in the seminar I attended. I walked away with the confidence I needed to protect myself. Because of this I decided to bring Jordan to Kitchener to speak to local photographers in January of 2013.

Meet Jordan Nahmias...

As a photographer, Jordan has a unique perspective on life and what’s happening in it. With that perspective, he captures the unique details and essential aspects available to the eye.
Jordan says, “There is something about capturing those moments in peoples’ days and lives that is just invigorating. I really think that is what keeps me coming back to my camera and the images I produce with its help. That is what makes me want to photograph all the time. Those moments keep coming, and I want to keep documenting them.”
But this talented photographer is also a lawyer. Jordan’s practice focuses on corporate, media and entertainment matters, with clients ranging from small businesses to producers, writers, musicians, video game developers and publishers.
Prior to establishing his own practice, Jordan spent his summer and articling years with Goodmans LLP. His experience there provided him with insight and working knowledge in all areas of corporate and commercial law, and a view into the mechanics of business-related legal matters, both large and small. His involvement in the world of media and entertainment provides him with experience and expertise to advise on those areas.
Jordan has also gone on to serve on various boards, notably as co-director of Open Roof Films Entertainment, a not-for-profit organization specializing in showcasing Canadian and International independent music and film. His contributions also include involvement with various charity and community organizations involved in the arts, media and other areas.
The One Day Workshop in Kitchener, Ontario
If you are a photographer that sells images, or even posts images on the web, this is a seminar you do not want to miss. Jordan is coming to the Photographers Lounge to speak to us one two subjects.

In the first half of the day Jordan will address the legalities surrounding photographer’s rights, copyright laws in Canada, the internet and how it has changed a photographers ownership rights to their images.

He will also address contracts, and what the Canadian laws are around taking the image of a person, place or thing.

In the second half of Jordan’s seminar he will be addressing how to structure your business. The advantages and disadvantages of the many ways you can register your business in Canada.

For anyone that takes a photo and sells a photo, you need to come and be informed about your legal rights, and the rights of your subjects.

The maximum number of attendees for this seminar is 40
Please visit the Photographer's Lounge website for more details and how to register.
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