Monday, 5 November 2012

New Photography Instructor at the Photographers Lounge - Scott Slocum

We are extremely pleased to announce that Scott Slocum will be joining the family at the Photographer's Lounge. Scott's awesome experience in avaition is going to really benefit the attendees to our new aviation workshops that we will be running.

So who is Paul “Scott” Slocum?

As a frustrated artist, Scott turned to photography as the outlet he was searching for since taking all of those art classes, drawing airplanes as a kid.

His love of aviation and war birds goes back to attending CAF air shows when young watching B-17’s and Mustangs in the skies of Harlingen Texas.

After 22 years in the graphics business, starting out as a camera technician and finally to COO of a full digital production house, he retired in 2004 and purchased a small aviation magazine franchise. He started shooting for the magazine and developed a knack and love for Air-to-Air photography that he continues today, shooting and writing for many different magazines and clients with over 50 covers to date.

Scott started flying when he was 19 and has about 2,500 hours. He owns a Beech A-36 Bonanza.

A native Texan, “Scott” lives in Dallas with wife Katherine and daughter Taylor.
Real estate investing, Flying, Photography
Sail boat racing
Vintage cars

Home Base – Dallas Texas
Operation - North America
Equipment – Nikon, Kenyon, Canon Video

Check out Scott's work at and

Scott will be running our aviation workshops that will be announced in November of 2012... stay tuned for the announcement of those workshops... they are going to be awesome!