Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Studio Photography Tip - Beginner Advice on a Softbox and Speedlites

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: This photo was taken with a speedlite in a softbox that was positioned 4 feet from the model. The softbox had a diffuser panel on it and it was positioned at 2 o'clock so that the flash fell on the hands and face.
To further create some seperation from the backgound i positioned a second softbox 10 feet away behind and to the left. I positioned this softbox to flash between the model and the wall at 1/4 power. This illuminated the wall just slightly so that you could see some seperation and definition in the wall. (note you could also use a small desk lamp sitting behind the model on the floor)

Here are a few basic tips to consider if you want to photogprah a model with a flash and a softbox....

1) Take the flash off the camera and try using a softbox with a recessed panel. The recessed panel will direct the light and give you more creative control.
2) Position the speedlite so that the flash is facing toward the back of the softbox, then set the zoom on the speedlite to the widest possible setting.
3) Position it so that the light falls slightly in front of the subject. This is called "feathering the light."
4) Remember... the closer the light source, the softer the light will be on the subject.