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Aviation Photography Workshops

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Press Release
Contact: Kevin Allen Pepper
Phone: 226.989.8848
9 AM EDT, November 8, 2012

The teaching arm of KPep Photography, The Photographer’s Lounge, is excited to announce that they will now be offering a very unique aviation photography workshop at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Dallas, Texas.

From the time the students arrive at “Flight School” they will enter a world that very few are ever invited into; a WW2 air base where they will receive mission briefings and fly photography sorties lead by naval aviator and certified Top Gun Instructor, Hal “Bull” Schmitt. Hal is a naval aviator who served two tours as a TOPGUN instructor. Hal embodies unmatched standards of performance and has now translated these learning’s into offering world class photo workshops.

This workshop offers unique air to air photography and editing opportunities of vintage WW2 era airplanes. Many photographers have attended air shows at their local small airports; but our students will be positioned in one aircraft while professional pilots manoeuvre vintage WW2 airplanes such as the P-51 Mustang, the AT-6 Texan and the P-40 Warhawk so they can photograph these historical planes in flight. Once the photos are taken, students will partake in a workshop on editing using various editing software

We will also present staged warplanes on a runway with a speedlight set up so amateur photographers can take once in a lifetime close-up photos of these WW2 era airplanes in their natural environment. Students will also have the opportunity to photograph professional models in 1940’s era costumes for a workshop on pin-up photography. This portion will be lead by renowned photographer Scott Slocum.

To further add to the uniqueness of these workshops, participants will have the opportunity to receive hands-on demonstrations of various photography gear while at these workshops. This is an excellent opportunity our sponsors have welcomed with open arms because of the “hands-on” learning that the instructors are going to offer.  If any company wishes to discuss having their gear available for demonstration at these workshops, please contact us.

Also, our instructors, unlike other workshops of this nature, are well versed in Canon, Nikon and 4/3rds cameras. Thus, offering insight to all camera users. People using any Camera manufacturer's bodies and lenses will receive insight from the instructors on how best to capture the best image possible while at the Aviation Workshops. 

Photographers will have the opportunity to join Hal Schmitt, Kevin Pepper and Scott Slocum for an aviation photography workshop series unmatched anywhere in the world. To learn more about these workshops, or to register, please visit:  More information and additional dates will be disseminated as they become available.

ABOUT Hal "Bull" Schmitt:
Hal Schmitt is the Director and Lead Instructor of LIGHT Photographic Workshops in Los Osos, California. Hal instructs all levels of photography, Lightroom, and Photoshop with a incredibly approachable and easy to understand method.  His workshops and photo tours are recognized around the world as incredible learning experiences. 
Most people know the word TOPGUN because of the 1980s action movie of the same name.  In reality, TOPGUN or the Navy Fighter Weapons School is one of the most intense, professional, and demanding schools found anywhere.  The preparation, knowledge, execution, and standards of performance of the staff are without equal.  Hal "Bull" Schmitt served two tours as a TOPGUN instructor.
After the crucible of the “murderboard” process Hal became the Navy’s air-to-air training expert, completely revamped the tactics to meet current threats, and delivered hundreds of hours of training and discussion worldwide.  When life and death are involved, the training better be good.
As Director of Light Workshops, Hal was fortunate to train with photography and Photoshop’s best and brightest and is now an expert in all aspects of the digital workflow.  Although the subject matter is a little slower and safer, Hal teaches his digital courses using the same techniques he mastered at TOPGUN.  Polished and confident but down to earth and approachable, Hal delivers an incredible workshop experience.
Hal’s teaching style delivers results.  He believes in teaching the theory and basics of everything necessary in the digital workflow.  More importantly, he takes the mystery and technical complexity out of a subject allowing access for everyone.  Hal will ensure you know the basics, teaching the why in addition to the how.  With a strong foundation, it is amazing how quickly you can learn and improve.

ABOUT Kevin Pepper:
Kevin A Pepper was born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada in 1967 and still lives in the area with his wife of 23 years, Karen and his two children, Dylan and Bailey. After spending over 20 years as an amateur photographer, Kevin turned pro in 2011. Kevin is a nature photographer and teacher of photography at heart. No matter what the season is; the draw of being out in the outdoors is what inspires him to take photos and take amateur photographers on one of his photography workshops here in Canada and around the world. But you will also see other styles of photography in his portfolio. From street photography, to urban exploration of abandoned buildings and architecture, he loves to capture it all with his camera for his corporate clients and his growing personal portfolio.

Kevin also operates the "Photographers Lounge", a company dedicated to teaching photography. Through "The Lounge" you can learn from some of the best photographers of our time. The Photographer’s Lounge growing list of instructors includes, Rick Sammon, Jim Zuckerman, Tim Vollmer, Hal Schmitt, Scott Slocum and Denise Ippolto.

Kevin’s photos have been seen in the following publications and websites: National Geographic website, City of Cambridge website, GRAND magazine, African Lion Safari corporate marketing materials, 2010 Vancouver City Guide, Olympus Corporate website 2009, 2010, 2011, Sun Media, The Weather Network, 2012 TVO Corporate photos, 2011 Cambridge Annual Magazine.

Kevin has also contributed articles and tutorials for Canadian Nature Photographer, PhotoNEWS Canada and Photo Technique Magazine and is the co-host of Shutter Tripping with Tom Baker. Shutter Tripping is an information podcast for amateur photographers.

ABOUT Scott Slocum:

Paul "Scott" Slocum was born in Dallas, Texas in 1961 and still lives there today with his wife Katherine and daughter Taylor. Scott took a photography class in his senior year in high school as he thought it would be an easy credit. Scott fell in love with it the first semester and hasn’t stopped since! His love of aviation and warbirds goes back to his father and uncle taking him to CAF air shows when he was young. He can still remember the B-17 one wheel landings just like the movie TORA TORA TORA!

Scott started flying when he was 19 and has about 2,000 hours with a tail wheel sign off. He still enjoys air shows and has developed many friends in the business.

After 22 years in the graphics business, starting out as a film technician in 1982 and finally to COO of a full digital production house, Scott retired in 2004 and purchased a small aviation magazine franchise. He started shooting for his own magazine to save money and developed a knack and love for Air to Air photography that he continues doing even after he sold the franchise 2 years ago.

Today Scott shoots for many different magazines and clients with over 26 covers to date. His company, Aero Marketing Group (AMG) specializes in aviation marketing focusing on visual communications. In addition, AMG started a project called, bringing yesterday’s illustrated pin-up girl fantasy to modern day life, Bombshells features beautiful women, sassy and sexy, dressed in vintage-style clothing to match up with their nationally recognized “warbird” aircraft and adds a hint of nostalgia to the format.

AMG photography has been featured on covers and inside articles for; Twin & Turbine, Flying Magazine, AutoPILOT Magazine, World Airshow News Magazine, Air & Space Smithsonian Magazine, Pilot Journal, Classic Wings Magazine, EAA SportPlane Magazine, The AeroTrader, The Controller, Plane & Pilot Magazine.



Hal, Scott and I are really excited about these workshops. We have been working on the logistics of this type of workshop since the summer of 2012. We would love to hear what you have to say below... and we hope to see you out capturing the planes in flight with us.