Monday, 19 November 2012

New Instructor at the Photographers Lounge - Jay Terry

Photo courtesy of Jay Terry

Jay is a life-long artist – from illustration to graphic design to photography. Today, he’s a portrait and glamour photographer, specialising in dramatic and artistic portraiture. A dedicated speedlight shooter, Jay believes in the “small lights, big results” philosophy.

He has most recently been awarded as Ontario’s 2012 Portrait Photographer of the Year, in addition to the Tibor Horvath Award of Excellence and dozens of awards for portraiture, figure study and fine art. An accredited member and co-Webinar Director of the Professional Photographers of Canada, Jay’s always looking to give back through educating and guidance for new photographers, just as he has been by some of the leading industry shooters.

Photo courtesy of Jay Terry

Currently living in London, ON, with his wife, Amanda, he exercises his creative muscles with landscape and HDR photography. Through blogging about his adventures and imagery, Jay’s work has been recognised by both Explore the Bruce and Waterfalls of Ontario.

You can see more of Jay’s work at Jay Terry Photography.
You can catch Jay teaching at the Photographer's Lounge at our lighting and  Boudoir workshops.