Thursday, 30 May 2013

Costumes, Props and Accessories for your Studio Photography

Something that is often overlooked and you might not think to include is placing props into a photo… take this photo above… if I just shot Morgan standing there it would have been just another photo. But taking that black shower curtain and draping it over her head added a new dimension and gave the photo a voice… that photo now has emotion and evokes a sense of peace.

So consider scouring through your house and consider picking up a bunch of props. If you take portrait photos for clients in your studio, having props there make the situation a less boring process for many people and having silly stuff for them to dress up and play with can be a great way to loosen everyone up and inject a little fun into the situation. Even if the ultimate goal of the shoot is a serious portrait, starting off with some funny props encourages your subjects to relax, become comfortable with you and be themselves.

You’ll also want to consider some more practical props as well. Such as a few pieces of stylish furniture you can quickly move in and out of the scene. Anything you can do to break the typical mould of studio photography will help your photography stand out.

If you are just shooting for your portfolio and for the experience of taking photos… take a trip down to the local costume shop… they have an abundance of costumes and cheap accessories you can pick up to enhance your photos. I am doing that next week. I will be picking up a replica dress from the movie, "The Seven Year Itch" and photographing a model with a fan placed beneath her so we get the blown dress look. While the photos are for a client, I also intend to have a little fun and try some new ideas.

Check back tomorrow when we address the main subject of your studio set up… lighting. There are a variety of lighting options, each coming with a different price tag and allowing you the creative control that will separate your images form the average photographer.

Please check out our lighting workshops that we hold 8 times a year.