Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Bald Eagle Migration in the Harrison River in British Columbia

I used to live within 20 miles of the largest migration destination of Bald Eagles in Canada... and then I moved away! What was I thinking????

From October to January, these majestic birds return to the Fraser River Basin to look for ideal nesting locations. Once found, they lay their eggs in February. It’s a pattern repeated every year, as the bald eagles follow spawning salmon along the Fraser and Harrison rivers.

Depending on the size of the salmon run, the number of eagles can be jaw dropping. The count in 2010 placed the number of eagles close to 7500 in a few kilometer stretch of the Harrison river. Talk about a photographer's playground.

I can remember when I lived there, sitting there watching eagles flying everywhere, and then to watch them interact with the bears that come down to feed on the spawn, well, that's a sight one never forgets.

I have been yearning to get back to the place I love so much... so, I set up some bald eagle workshops so I could share these incredible sights with you.

We will stay in the Fraser Valley... here you will have the best of both worlds... fantastic landscapes and one of the most beautiful birds in North America.

For these workshops I have partnered with two very talented photographers, Len Silvester and Jamie Douglas.

Len is one of Canada's premier nature and bird photographers and Jamie, another fantastic photographer that has inspired me for years... we just don't hold his Scottish accent against him (kidding Jamie)

Please consider joining us on these 4 day workshops.

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