Friday, 3 May 2013

Goodbye Tanzania... Hello Provence...

The latest workshop in Tanzania is coming to a close. We finally flew out of the Serengeti and landed at the Kilimanjaro airport, memories stored forever in my mind, thousands of photos taken and new friendships developed.

Africa is a wonderful experience, one every photographer should do. Its not only to photograph some amazing animals, but to capture the essence of the people and the breath taking landscapes.

But before you go, talk to photographers that have done it... there as some tourist traps, pitfalls and some information you should know before you go, not to mention the hidden costs of travelling here... If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me and ask. I would be happy to share my experience and give you some tips.

Over the next week I will post some tips for taking an African safari and announce the details for my next safari to Namibia and to Tanzania next year.... and yes, some photos. I have thousands of photos that I have not posted yet as I want to wait to get home on my PC to do some editing.

From here I go home and prepare for my next workshop in Provence in June...

Sitting at the outside bar at the KIA Lodge, beer in my hand, laptop in front of me,