Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Studio Backdrops and Backdrop Stands for Your Home Photography Studio

Backdrops are an important part of any photo that one is taking of a model or product. You want the focal point to be the model, not the clutter of a background... uneven colors, objects, bright lights. etc...

Any good studio has a few backdrops to take photos against. It’s probably a good idea to avoid Wal-Mart type photographic backdrops and instead opt for something simpler. Solid colors work, as well as something with a small amount of texture.

Backdrops commonly come in a variety of different materials and textures including muslin (cotton), canvas, vinyl, or just plain old paper. The cheapest versions are obviously the paper backdrops and typically start around $30.

If you want to go a little more professional, you can typically expect to spend $100-$150 on a tougher and more interesting material backdrop. Photoflex carries a variety of backdrops that you can see here.

You can get a decent backdrop kit complete with stands and carrying case from Photoflex for around $269. It’s called the “Photoflex First Studio BackDrop Support Kit

Of course, to start off you could take the poor man route and grab a bed sheet or some butcher paper and build a stand out of PVC pipe, but I tend to lean to a manufactured set-up. They are easy to use, will not fall apart like an ad-hoc set up and will hold a multitude of back drops… plus they are collapsible and portable. (Remember what I said in the last post about storage and space in your studio in the home?)

Come back tomorrow when we are talking about softboxes, umbrellas and other lighting accessories.