Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Greetings from our latest photography workshop in the Serengeti

We have finally arrived in the Serengeti... our first three nights to be spent in the Southern Serengeti at the Ndutu Lodge and the last two nights spent at Mbuzi Mawe in Central Serengeti

Ndutu Lodge

Ndutu Safari Lodge is situated in the South-eastern part of the Serengeti ecosystem. Shaded by majestic acacia trees, each of the thirty four cottages, which are built of local materials, has a private verandah facing Lake Ndutu.

The Lodge is surrounded by indigenous trees and shrubs which encourage a host of birds and mammals to come right to your front door. Tucked well away from the busy tourist circuit, Ndutu offers peace and tranquillity far from the madding crowd.

Mbuzi Mawe Lodge

Scenically located in a glade, known as ‘the place of the klipspringer' (mbuzi mawe), and guarded by three million year-old granite towers, this luxury tented-camp is unique.

Cleverly located on one of the main annual migration corridors for over one million wildebeest, half a million zebras and gazelles, and their accompanying cast of predators it is also located at the very epicentre of one of the world's most famous national parks.

As we return from our safari drives I will be working with everyone in the digital darkroom. As I get to my photos at night I will post some on my Facebook Page so you can see what we experienced during our time in the Serengeti...

Look out Wildebeest Migration... here we come!

From Africa...


P.S. All photos were courtesy of the lodges we partnered with for this workshop