Thursday, 7 February 2013

Learn from other photographers but keep your individuality

You are out taking photos, just you and your camera… you are in your own personal head space, thinking about composition, the light and any technical aspects of your cameras functions.

But as much as photography is a solitude pursuit, do not discount the benefit of going out with other photographers.

You can put a dozen photographers in the same location and you will get a dozen different perspectives of the same location. Just because you have a certain way of shooting things doesn’t mean it’s the only way to get the shot. Going out with other people will allow you to watch others work, then after, over a coffee, take a look at each other’s photos and see what other people saw.

Another benefit of going out with other photographers is the benefits of seeing different post processing techniques.  Often a group of photographers would come across the same fascinating subject. As much as the photography styles may differ, the post processing would be different showing individuals own interpretations. Looking at what other photographers do with the same subject opens up your mind in what is possible.

You may also want to join a club or meetup group. In these environments you are exposed to not only other photographers; you are introduced to professional photographers willing to come and teach amateurs. You will also find out different locations that you might not know have existed. An abandoned building, a secret pond or even a studio that rents cheap space are all gems you can find out about. Getting to know like minded photographers at a club will also introduce you to different gear. Its far better to see gear being used than reading about it in a review. The majority of photographers who are part of a photography group are happy to share their knowledge and I advise you to grab that opportunity.

Get out there, meet some new people, learn, grow as a photographer… but don’t lose your individuality. It’s what will separate you from the rest.

Thank you for reading,