Saturday, 16 February 2013

Marrakech and Sahara Desert Photo Workshop

photo courtesy of Authentic Tours

So we are headed to Morocco, and we chose to go in March... but why did we choose March?

Marrakesh, or Marrakech, has an arid climate with blisteringly hot summers, warm to cool winters, and pleasantly hot springs and autumns. Rainfall is low year round and the sun shines almost constantly. There is always a huge decrease in temperature at night time.

Spring, from March till May, ties with autumn as the best season to visit Marrakesh. The average high temperature climbs up through the pleasant 20s, starting at 22°C in March and reaching 28°C by May. The large drop in temperature at night means that in March it can actually be pretty chilly once the sun goes down; in April night time can be refreshingly cool.

For photographers, those cool spring days and nights means clean, crisp air, and most importantly, no smog. The lack of air pollution in March seems to bring the Atlas Mountains alive... the views across the desert, through the palm trees, framed by the snow dipped Atlas Mountains is a vista one can only appreciate standing there in Marrakech.

Please consider joining us. The information on our workshop can be found here.