Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Remember the tip, "f/8 and be there"

Static models and landscapes are easy to shoot as you can predict with a great deal of certainty which aperture setting you need to get the best out of either.

Reportage and street photography, weddings, family gatherings in the back yard are less predictable as your subjects will be moving in relation to the frame. In these circumstances, remember this tip, "f/8 and be there".

Set your aperture to f/8 for a practical, manageable balance of fairly fast shutter speeds and broad depths of field, allowing you to spend more time thinking about composition within the frame than you do about optical algebra.

When shooting indoors without a flash, and depending on the lighting conditions, you may need to increase your camera's ISO sensitivity setting at this aperture, but be careful not to push it so high that you introduce grain into your images, unless you are looking for that specific effect.

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