Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Essential gear to take with you when you walk out the front door

A photographer headed out the front door will always carry a backpack full of cameras and accessories with them at all times. Heck, sometimes I head out and I feel like I am taking everything i have, including the kitchen sink with me. However, many often forget the essential non-camera related accessories. But you should always carry these non essential accessories with you…

Carrying electrical tape is essential for many photo shoots. It may not seem useful at first, but consider this: you are involved in a major photo shoot and you have to attach one of your flashes to a tree or a railing to get the best off-camera light. Electrical tape is a simple and temporary tool for this job.

Anything that can’t be held by electrical tape can be held by alligator clips. These are especially useful for holding wires away from the lens during complicated shoots.

Bring a clean towel to help wipe off your camera lens if it rains or if mud splashes the lens.

Other accessories you should take to every photo shoot include a pad of paper for taking notes, pencils, a flashlight, a cell phone and some water and an energy or granola bar….