Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sometimes the smallest things are mistaken for the simplest things

I wanted to post this today. It's a post from a good friend, Mischa Schneider. In addition to a fantastic photo that shows detail of a Milkweed Leaf Beetle foot, there is a very good message for photographers in his post.

That message is that we all need to pay attention to the smallest of details. We assume that the smallest things are not important... but in reality, the smallest of things can provide incredible detail that separates the good from the great.

Take it away Mischa...

"Sometimes the smallest things are mistaken for the simplest things.  My name is Mischa and my passion is insect macro photography.  Lately I have delved into high magnification macro photography.  For me that is up to 10:1.  Through focusing stacking multiple images we can witness nature's complexity in a whole new way.   Focus stacking is a technique used to combine multiple images taken at different points of focus to increase the overall depth of field.  With magnifications higher comes less DOF.  For example, a single image taken at 2:1 (on sensor) at a nominal aperture of f/8 will have a DOF of less than 0.5mm. 

Here is a 10:1 shot of a Milkweed Leaf Beetle foot.  Compare the finished product to 1 out of the 97 images need to compile the final image."

one of a total of 97 images used to make the final photo below

the final image that took a total of 97 images

Here are the specs on the final image.

Canon EOS 5D mark 2 with Nikon M Plan 10x 0.25 160/- CF objective lens on bellows.
97 images with 12µm steps between images.  Total DOF around 1.2mm.
One flash through DIY diffuser as the light source.

Mischa Schneider
Absorbed Photography
Thanks Mischa... click on this link here to see all the final images of Mischa's insect photos... the details are amazing. http://www.absorbedphotography.com/Animals/Pages/Macro_Stacks.html