Saturday, 2 February 2013

South of France Photography Worshop - Carmague Stallions and the Luberon valley

Courtesy of Patrice Aguilar

I will start by saying that I am going on some exciting trips and workshops in 2013... and while I was already extremely excited about returing to France in June of 2013, when I received these photos from our French guide, Patrice Aguilar, I gasped... what a fantastic trip this is going to be...

Courtesy of Patrice Aguilar
To start the tour we will bring the white ranch horses to different properties, allowing for a wide range of photogenic backdrops and behaviours. We photograph the white horses running through the shallow water of salt marshes and along the beach in the waves and salt spray. With shots of fighting stallions, mares with their dark foals in the fields or at the ranches, and detailed portrait head shots and guardian riders in their gear. We’ll have many opportunities to capture this time-honoured breed in a variety of environments unique to this seaside estuary.

We will also take advantage of the sweet light at sunrise and sunset to silhouette horses with or without riders. Schedule permitting, we shoot a traditional celebration where riders lead black bulls through the town.

During our first few days we will also shoot greater flamingos feeding, displaying and in flight at the Parc Ornithologique de Pont de Gau. Located in the middle of the Parc naturel rĂ©gional de Camargue, the bird park’s natural habitats primarily include marsh and ponds with remarkable proximity to migratory and resident birds, such as flamingos, herons, storks, ducks, raptors and other small waders.
 Courtesy of Patrice Aguilar
During our second half of the trip you will stay three nights in the Parc Naturel du Luberon, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty. The Luberon valley is a picturesque landscape of vineyards, lavender fields flanking country roads, quaint delightful villages with local artisans shops, winding alleys and beautiful vistas

The true essense of Provence will be presented to you so that you can interpret through your lens.

If you would like to learn more about this workshop with Rick Sammon, Denise Ippolito and Kevin Pepper please visit for more information.