Friday, 22 February 2013

Renting Camera Gear ~ a great option

As I write this most people are in the middle of summer vacation and planning their fall photography outings for the fall. Some of you are even planning on coming with me to Tanzania, Venezuela and Iceland for some bucket list trips.

But do you have the gear to ensure you are going to come home with the photographs you want to? While most photographers have at least a 300mm telephoto, not many of us have a 500mm or longer super telephoto... but would that be awesome to have in your bag of goodies on an African safari... or even up at the cottage to photograph the water fowl?

What about a second camera? Imagine being in some remote area and your camera stops working. Without a back-up you are left with your smart phone to photograph those scenes...

Renting camera gear sometimes just makes sense... not everyone can afford to hand over $10K on a super telephoto lens or spend $2000 to $4000 on a second camera body... but renting these items for hundreds can be a viable option.

But lets not forget those of you that want to invest in new camera gear. You can read all you want, try a friends gear for 10 minutes; but without a good amount of time spent with gear, you will never get a good feel for how it gits into your style of photography.

When I want to rent gear I contact Lens Rental Canada in Ontario. If you are reading this outside of Canada there is probably rental companies in the country you live in.