Friday, 8 February 2013

Fun Weekend Photography Idea - Light Painting

This is a fun technique to try inside your home on a cold winters evening... or even better outdoors at night.

Light painting is an ideal way of adding light to the scene to enhance a particular object, such as a tree, home, abandoned bus, rock face, bench etc. Position your camera on a tripod, set your ISO around 200 to 400. Put your camera on manual mode, set the aperture to F9.0(ish) and set shutter speed to 15-20 seconds and to avoid camera shake, use the self timer or shutter relese cable to activate the shutter. To focus you should either auto focus on the subject using the flashlight to get a focal point and then put the focus to manual focus once this is done... or, jsut set the camera to manual focus and set the focus to infinity (that sideways "8" on your lens that you see)

During the release, light your subject with a beam of light from a torch and ‘paint’ with the light to ensure the entire object has been covered.