Monday, 4 February 2013

How did the photographer take that photo? Today's post by Glenn Taylor

Over the past two years I have met some great photographers... and today's photographer is as talented as they come. Please allow me to introduce you to Glenn Taylor, a friend and fellow photographer that hails from Georgia. Take it away Glenn...

Telling the Story in Details

Anytime I get the opportunity to visit a location or take a photowalk, I cover the main shots most people would take at these location, but I always look for the shots that tell the rest of the story.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Cumberland Island over a long holiday weekend and stay at one of the few homes permitted on the island. The owner is a great guy and wonderful host. I captured some nice sunsets and sunrises over the marsh with a wild horse grazing in the tall grass. I would consider this a classic Cumberland Island image and one most every photographer going there would want to capture.

Canon 5D with 24-70mm L, ISO 100, f 5.0, 24mm at 1/25 second on tripod

While we were staying there, I noticed his riding gear on the landing by the stairway.

The owner was an avid rider and fox hunter in his younger days and I wanted to capture it and give an insight into that detail of the story. He has a “bigger than life” personality and this unusual item gave that sense of past adventures and historical charm. I waited until the next morning, after shooting some sunrise images with everyone still sleeping, and photographed the set up with wonderful window light from the left side. That light helped bring texture and great tones to the final image. The owner liked it so much he has a copy of it hanging in his office because it was a major part of who he was.

The most enjoyable part of any shoot for me are the details. Just finding those little scenes in the location that often go unnoticed. I look for them. Just remember to slow down a little and you’ll begin to see the pictures within the picture on your next shoot.

Canon 5D with 24-70mm L, ISO 100, f 5.6, 34mm at 1 second on tripod

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