Wednesday, 26 December 2012

2013 Photography Workshops in Northern Ontario

For years I ignored the requests to come to the cottage from my Uncle Kev… I mean, heck, a cottage for a weekend and its 5 1/2 hours round trip… isn’t a weekend at the cottage supposed to be relaxing?

Then one April weekend three years ago I FINALLY agreed to head on up with him to see the northern homestead… we were going to blitz the area and photograph non stop for two days.  I can remember driving on this unassumed country road through what can only be described as a spring postcard… the color of the leaves were bright chartreuse, the forest floor blanketed in white Trillium petals, and the wildlife scurrying everywhere. All I could think was, “This is beautiful! Am I ever an idiot for not coming up here sooner!”

Since that one awesome weekend I have seen this area in every season, and every season has something unique to offer a photographer and outdoor enthusiast. The area I am referring too is located 34 miles south of the iconic Algonquin Park, 26 miles north of Bobcaygen, Ontario and 224 miles north of Buffalo, New York.

Winter is a magical time of year up in the Kawartha region of Ontario. Scattered along the waters edge are tall evergreen trees, which are a wonderful contrast to the blue skies and frozen lakes and rivers.

You get a whole new perspective on the area by walking on the lakes and photographing the shorelines and quaint cottages. Even the barren forests, void of green leaves, give the area a depth that you do not get at any other time of year.

In the spring, the area comes to life. The trees start to fill in their canopies and the Trillium’s blanket the ground like a thick shag carpet. This creates a wonderful opportunity for beautiful floral images.
As spring is ready to give way to summer the small animals, deer and bird are giving birth to young. The photographic opportunities of common loons, osprey and deer with young offer the patient photographer so many wonderful photographic opportunities that you can spend hours sitting and watching all that unfolds around you.


Summer is a season of activity and the vacationers come to the area to enjoy Ontario’s playground. The photographic opportunities are absolutely endless. With so many picturesque things within a short drive, the photographer that likes to capture everything through the lens will come away with a cornucopia of images they will want to mount on their wall and share with their friends.

My favourite photographic subjects are the Olympic training facility for kayakers and the blue hour and golden hour photographic opportunities. With minimal noise pollution in the sky, the colours of the area at that peak time is unlike anything you see anywhere else. Hues of purple, bright orange and reds are common place.


Then comes autumn… the time of year when Mother Nature unleashes her colour palette that seems to paint the countryside with bright shades of red, orange and yellow. The water side forests seem to come alive and jump out at you, just begging for you to photograph.



Autumn is also the season for fog… as the cool autumn air gently slides over the calm early morning waters; the gift left for a photographer is wonderful fog. I personally love to photograph this type of scene. From early August till November this is a regular occurrence that pulls me out of bed at 5am and takes me to the shoreline. There is nothing more peaceful than hearing the call of the loon as the sun starts to kiss the tree line with fog dancing on still water… to me; this is what photography is all about.

In 2013 we will be running weekend workshops up here in every season as we did in 2012… but in 2013 we added a week long workshop we are calling our Canadian Caravan. Rick Sammon will be joining us in August of 2013 to lead a workshop when the morning fog dances on the water, the kayakers will be flying through the rapids and the loons make their daily swims up and down the many lakes in the area.
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