Monday, 3 December 2012

Studio Lighting Kits for Your Home Studio

If you have been reading my blog over the last week and a half you have read all my posts on creating a home studio… well here is another post. Today I want to introduce you to kits you can buy for your home studio………

Not too long ago studio lighting was really only for the professional photographer… or an enthusiast with lots of disposable cash. Today however, with a wide range of kits that are available on the market, enthusiasts are able to create home studios easier than it has ever been.

As with anything, you get what you pay for. There are basic kits that will get you started and there are kits that will run you into the thousands…. But there are options available for every level of experience and budget.

Your very first choice will be to decide between two main options: continuous or strobe (flash) lighting. If you read my post on lighting you already know what the difference is… and if this does interest you; well you probably have already done some research on your own.

The chief benefit of continuous light sources is that they provide instant feedback on how your lighting will look in the exposed image, allowing you to adjust the angle and intensity of the lighting quickly and visualize the shot more easily. They can also do double duty as video lights.

The goal of this post is to introduce you to kits on the market. The kits that I listed below are all from Photoflex. There are other manufacturers, but for comparison sake, I stuck to Photoflex.