Friday, 21 December 2012

The "End of the World" was supposed to happen

I decided to take a little break from my social media and Internet posts and write about "regrets"...

The end of the Mayan calendar came today... and has already passed in some parts of the world... here in Toronto we are halfway through the 21st and the skies didn't fall, the ground didn't boil and little green men didn't come back for a visit because our lease was up on Planet Earth... (as we wipe the perspiration from our brow, let's insert a global collective "whew" here)

What if the world as we know it started down the unthinkable spiral towards the end .... what if we were thrown back into the dark ages, the lights went out, earthquakes shook the tectonic plates, meteor showers fell or our alien landlords that built the pyramids came back to claim their planet... whatever catastrophic event that would have been thrown at us to signify the end of the Mayan Calendar, would you have any regrets?

... My grandfather said a few things to me from the hospital bed before he died many years ago. He said a couple things to me... one thing sticks in my mind... He said "it isn't the things that you do in your life that you will regret, it's the things you didn't do in your life that you will regret"

Which, if you knew my grandfather was pretty profound and out of character. So it has stuck with me...

So, now that we know Dec 21 was not a significant date signalling the end of the world... get out there and have no regrets... check off those things on your bucket list and live life to the fullest in 2013. Pick up that phone and tell that person in your life how you really feel about them, book a trip that you have always wanted to take, move to that place that when you think about it, you always say, "Gee I wished I lived there"

...Because some day, just maybe, Donald Trump will split in half and his true alien self will appear and he will signal the mother ship its time to invade Earth once again.

Have a great Holiday Season everyone,


P.S... so i was thinking... the 21st of December was on the Mayan Calendar... tomorrow wasn't... hmmmm, maybe its tomorrow that we needed to worry about... just sayin. :)-