Monday, 24 December 2012

The Benefits of Blogging to a Photographer

Blogging is a very effective tool at introducing people to your products and services… and you just proved that by clicking on the link somewhere out on the Internet to come and see what I had to say on this one topic.

Let’s start this by saying that blogging requires commitment. You have to set a frequency by which you want to post, and stick to it. Setting a pattern, thereby setting the expectation by your readers is imperative to creating loyalty to your blogs, your products and your services.

I now faithfully BLOG almost every day. Between 8:30am and 9:30am my readers now know that I will have written about something and posted it online. They know they will find my post on my blog, on my facebook business pages, my twitter feed or on Google+. I have set the expectation, and whether they consciously go and read it, or just know that one is there in case they want to read it… its there if they choose to read it.

Writing Your Blog. The common misconception is that it’s a daily task. It’s not. I will take a day and write dozens of posts. By the time this post goes online around Christmas of 2012 I will already be writing my posts for the end of January. I spend a total of 12 hours a month and write 25 to 30 blog posts.

Occasionally I will write supplemental posts… if you see two posts in a day that probably means I wrote that during that week because something had come up and I wanted to address it.

What should you BLOG about? Well… that’s up to you. What information do you have that readers want to learn about? What compelling information would be valuable? Only you can answer that. For me, I blog about anything to do with photography… from tips and tutorials, to technical information, to travel destinations, my workshops, social media, marketing.

People that follow me and read my posts know that my topics have a huge range and they can find information on a lot of photography related topics by coming to, or searching my historical blog posts.

Soft Sell approach… I follow the soft sell approach… more times than not there will be a link to one of my workshops, my tours, or my products for sale. I rarely do the hard sell approach, rather offer a link to a workshop if I do a “Species Spotlight”… for example; I am going to Africa a few times in 2013 and a few times in 2014. I just wrote a species spotlight on the Rothschild Giraffe that will go on my blog in December. In that post I put links to my workshops. People can choose to read about the workshop, or not… that wasn’t what the post was about. The giraffe was the subject and the soft sell was the workshop.

How does a BLOG generate clients and money? There are a few ways to generate new clients and sell more products or services. Here is how my blog helps me generate revenue and new clients.

1 - Placing ads on my blog… Google Blogger gives you the option to generate revenue by serving ads between your posts. It’s called Google AdSense. I generate about $25 a month from serving these ads on my site… but I also periodically go in and block advertisers that are in direct competition with what I am selling. It’s not an exact science, but the more sites I block from advertising on my site, the more types of ads I want to show up on my site are showing up.

It’s a balancing act and a personal decision… but for $25 a month, what the heck… that revenue is increasing the more popular my posts are becoming. So who knows how much money that will generate in another year or two?

2- Increasing Your Presence online… Yesterday I touched on “keywords” on my blog. Creating a relevant title and tagging your blog posts with words and phrases that people are searching for are key. I use my adwords account to look for the top searched phrases in the photography industry in order to tag my content with the most popular phrases used today.

I also write frequently on my blog… the more frequent you write, the more times the search engine spiders will index your content, the more relevant they will deem your content to be versus the millions of fresh content that is uploaded to the web daily.

My blog for example gets indexed a few times a week and my posts will rank high on search queries quite often… here is one example of that.

I am doing a workshop with Hal Schmitt and Scott Slocum in Dallas in May. It is an aviation workshop. I posted the information on my website but I also blogged about these workshops. Moose Peterson has written dozens, if not hundreds of blogs on his aviation workshops for years, and he has them on different websites.

If you search for “Aviation Workshops” on Google, here is the link 

You will see how my blog out performed Moose, and my own website. My blog post today showed up higher than any of Moose’s workshop information anywhere on the web… If I had not have indexed the post properly, written the appropriate keywords and socialized the post on all my social networks I would never had the web presence that I am getting right now.

Proper keywords and phrases + frequency of posting on your blog = how high your content will be served in a search query done on google, bing, yahoo, etc… there are many more factors, but for the photographer just starting their blog, or doesn’t want a more technical explanation; this pretty much will do the trick. If you want more technical information please fee free to contact me at

I will post more about blogging on my next post… I just wanted to introduce you to the benefits of blogging and how I do it…

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