Friday, 21 December 2012

Online Reputation Management

So you are online and doing what I call, "Reputation Management". You are doing searches online for your personal name and company name because you want to find out what people are saying you and your company on all your social media websites, Google Place Page, blogs or forums that you might belong to.

In the process of doing this search you find a negative review posted somewhere online. Someone has posted a negative experience about dealing with your company… It may not be true, or one sided, and now it’s out there for everyone to see. What are you going to do?

You have three decisions… (1) Ignore it and hope that no one sees the post online. (2) Try and get it deleted from the site it is on. (3) Address the negative review with a response as the owner of the business.

If you choose to ignore the post online you run the risk of it going viral and costing you business.

If you choose to get it deleted the person that wrote the negative review has not been dealt with. You run the risk of irritating them even more and posting negative reviews in even more locations.

But, if you choose to address the negative comment online in a straight forward and honest way, addressing their concerns, point by point, stating your position on the complaint and even go as far as offering a refund or a discount you may just win over a client that was spreading negativity. Plus, others that see the original post and your response. They will see that you care about your clients concerns and want to make good to anyone that feels an injustice has been done.

I have seen examples of this all the time… addressing the concern head on and leaving it online is always the best policy.

Of course, you can choose to deal with a negative review online however you want. But based on my 10 years of experience of mentoring and teaching businesses to be successful online, point #3 is my suggestion.

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