Thursday, 6 December 2012

New Photography "Learning Environment" in Ontario

Press Release

Contact: Kevin Allen Pepper
Phone: 226.989.8848
9 AM EDT, December 7, 2012

New Learning Environment for Photographers
The teaching arm of KPep Photography, The Photographer’s Lounge, has just announced the creation of a new teaching division of the Photographer’s Lounge, called simply, “The Lounge”.
 "The Lounge" was started to give all levels of photographers the opportunity to take a more in-depth look into different genres of photography with other like minded people that share the passion of photography. This will be facilitated in a relaxed group setting twice a month from September to April. Meetings will be structured in 2 hour classroom sessions and 2 hour informal discussion that offers hands on learning and casual round table discussions in a fun and relaxing environment.
When asking Kevin Pepper, the founder of the “Photographers Lounge”, why would you want to become a member of "The Lounge"? Kevin responded by saying, “Where else can you meet people who enjoy creating photographs just like you, experienced and amateur photographers sharing their shooting methods, discussing possible travel locations, talk apertures, f-stops and Photoshop... PRO's giving you their inside tips -and all in one place? The Lounge is run by professional photographers that have the experience teaching others how to become better photographers. We pride ourselves at being better teachers having mentored under some of the globes most experienced photographers. As a result of that mentoring we believe we will offer more insightful teaching and more real world valuable information that you will not receive elsewhere.”
Members of “The Lounge” will also receive access to the latest photography gear through the companies many sponsorships and business relationships. This gear is brought to their meetings for photographers to look at, and see first hand on how it operates in a real setting... from professional studio lighting set ups, to the latest super telephoto lens, at the Lounge photographers will have opportunities that you will not get at your local photography club.
Further to the regularly scheduled meetings, The Photographer's Lounge also has far reaching relationships with companies and other professional photographers from Canada, America and Europe. The company intends to introduce the membership to these photographers that work with the Photographer's Lounge in other areas of the company when they visit Ontario. The members will have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with these world class PRO's without paying incurred expenses as they would have to elsewhere.
To learn more about the new program called “The Lounge”, please visit
As the company starts its second year of operation, the Photographer's Lounge in Waterloo Region is a teaching company and still very much dedicated to providing digital photographers with access to the world’s top destinations, the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the world’s best photography minds, and we strive to make sure our clients are aware of the latest photographic gear available to you today.
At the Lounge we believe that each photographer is on their own personal journey, and as such, will learn at their own pace, and their own budget. For this reason we have structured programs designed to meet your needs, at your speed.

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