Monday, 17 December 2012

Tips for Photographers Headed on an African Photo Safari

I am going to start this blog post with a HUGE “Happy Birthday” to my wife… Without her, none of this would be possible… putting up with my coming and going at odd hours for sunrise and sunset photo shoots, my working weekends by running workshops, the hours I put in on this computer writing blogs… and then there is my travelling to very cool places while she stays at home and deals with the kids and working full time…

She does as much, or more, for my photography business than I do… so, a happy 29th (and holding) birthday to my wife, Karen… ;-)

OK, back to the blog post about going to another exotic location without my wife… Africa, the Dark Continent… the place that holds the origins of humanity and is one of the last places in the world still vastly untouched by civilization.

That leads me to planning to be prepared… As you are on safari, the weather can change frequently, depending on the time of year you are there… from the dry heat, to fast moving storms, you have to be the Boy Scout and be prepared…

Here is a list of items that you will want to have with you to protect yourself and your gear….

1)      A large brimmed hat to cover not only your face, but the back of your neck

2)      A long sleeved shirt to protect you from the sun and bugs that bite.

3)      Sun screen to protect your skin from the sun

4)      A light rain jacket with a hood in your bag.

5)      A camera rain cover to protect your camera

6)      A rain cover for your camera bag.

7)      Comfortable walking books. I prefer walking boots over shoes for the support. (right Gary?)

All these items can be found online at Outdoor Photo Gear’s website. Click here and start shopping…
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